The Jokes Are On Us! 12 Pranks You Have to Pull This April Fool’s Day

As April Fool’s Day fast approaches, we’ve found ourselves asking one another: what makes a great prank? Answers are varied, of course, but it always seems to come down to something we can sum up like this:

A great prank either A) interrupts routine, or B) alters expectations.

Interrupt routine? Alter expectations? What does this mean? While you’ll have to read on to find out, we’ll say this now: a great prank takes some thought.

But we, and this list of 12 awesome April Fool’s pranks to pull, are here to help. Enjoy, and happy pranking!

1. Ma, Is There Something Wrong with the Milk?

Food coloring + milk = constant hilarity
Food coloring + milk = constant hilarity

Who to prank: Your children, though this will honestly work (and be humorous) on anyone

How to prank: It’s simple. Put a few drops of food coloring (our recommendation in this scenario is green) into the a jug of milk. Swirl/shake/stir the milk until the milk itself changes color. Place the milk jug back in the refrigerator. And watch as your son or daughter pours the surprise over a bowl of their favorite cereal.


2. This Shoe Just Isn’t Fitting!

Who to prank: Your parents

How to prank: Grab either the left or right shoe from an often-used pair. Take the shoe into the bathroom. Yank off a few squares of toilet paper. Ball up the toilet paper. Shove the toilet paper to the toe of the shoe so that, when its owner inserts their foot, the shoe does not fit.

3. Wireless Mice Aren’t Always Nice

Who to prank: Your coworker

How to prank: A wireless mouse comes with a USB receiver that it is dependent upon, right? Well, take your wireless mouse’s USB receiver and plug it into your coworker’s computer. Wait for this coworker to sit down. And, because it won’t take long for them to figure out that they can’t do much on their computer, immediately go bananas with it! Cherish for years the things they shout at their computer screen.

4. Dad? Wait, No, Mom?

Who to prank: Parents can prank kids; kids can prank parents

How to prank: Mother and father, brother and sister, all you have to do is dress like the other for a few minutes — long enough, anyway, for the second look your prank’s victims will unquestionably take. Fathers and brothers: put on a bra; smear on some makeup. Mothers and sisters: button up a suit; sketch on some facial hair. All pairs will be different, but the closer you are to looking like your counterpart, the longer the prank will last.

5. Shame, Shame

Who to prank: Your parents

How to prank: This one could be trickier, based on how late it would come in the day, but, kids, it’s a doozy. You’ll need an envelope, a blank piece of paper, and a great poker face. Why? Because when your parent or guardian picks you up from school, you’re going to tell them that you’re sorry. You’re going to say that you were called to the principal’s office and that they would like to have a meeting with your parent or guardian, the details of which are in the envelope. You’re going to hand over the envelope, and, once you see that look of panic, you’re going to shout, “April Fool’s!”

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