The Jokes Are On Us! 12 Pranks You Have to Pull This April Fool’s Day

6. Seriously? You Had to Do it to Every Pen?

Clear nail polish: not just for your fingernails

Clear nail polish: not just for your fingernails

Who to prank: Your coworker

How to prank: If you don’t have a bottle handy already, get yourself some clear nail polish. Next, locate each and every pen and pencil of the person you’d most like to prank. Dip the tips of their utensils into the clear nail polish. Return the utensils to their initial resting place, and be sure to eventually tell them that nail polish remover will do just fine for removal.

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7. Cupcakes for Dinner

Who to prank: Your kids, though this will work on anyone with a sweet tooth

How to prank: Tell your victim(s) that, on a whim, you’re intending to have cupcakes for dinner. Real cupcakes. Beautiful cupcakes. Delicious cupcakes. And when it’s dinner time, here’s what you’ll serve them: meatloaf cakes with mashed potato frosting.

8. Daddy Loves Dolls

Make sure she's buckled in!

Make sure she’s buckled in!

Who to prank: While this is in the name of the prank, don’t feel like you only have to do this to daddy; it can work for several people.

How to prank: Assuming you have access to the victim’s car, all you have to do is place a whole lotta dolls (Barbies work well, and G.I. Joes, and Furbies) in every window that you can. Strange looks are sure to come on the way to work!

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