12 Snarky Replies To Ridiculous Diabetes Comments

When people find out you have diabetes, hopefully they are respectful and considerate. But that’s not always the case. People often, with good intentions, end up saying something infuriating or ridiculous. And, well-adjusted person that you are, you probably gently explain once again that you actually can eat that.

But after a while, you may be tempted to reply with a little more sauce. Perhaps you want to send a message loud and clear that today IS NOT the day you want to listen to someone who’s not a doctor explain diabetes to you. Well, we’ve got 12 ideas that may do the trick!

12. For your friend who’s heard of a cure…

“Oh? You heard a cure was right around the corner? I’ll DEFINITELY expect that soon…”

People with diabetes have been promised cures for decades, and after a while you learn to treat news of the latest breakthroughs with a grain of salt. We are definitely looking forward to a cure, but let’s just say we’re not going to cancel our prescriptions any time soon.

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Katie Taylor started writing in 5th grade and hasn't stopped since. Her favorite place to pen a phrase is in front of her fireplace with a cup of tea, but she's been known to write in parking lots on the backs of old receipts if necessary. She and her husband live cozily in the Pacific Northwest enjoying rainy days and Netflix.
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