14 Creative Diabetes Tattoos That Inspire And Inform!

No one would choose to have diabetes, and there are days when every person who deals with it is just done: fried, frazzled, and exhausted.

Tattoos are a way of changing your diabetes narrative. A diabetes tattoo can remind you of your strength and what you have already overcome, and they double as medical alert symbols. Tattoos can show that diabetes is not something to hide and that, though it’s challenging, it’s part of who you are.

We’ve posted about how tattoos are safe for people with diabetes, (provided you take common-sense precautions) and each time we do we get a wave of amazing folks sharing their creative diabetes tattoos. Thank you so much!

We though we’d share the latest batch of inspiring user-submitted tattoos. If you’re thinking about getting some ink, check these out to get your creative juices flowing!

1. Cory Collins

Simple and effective.

2. Charlene Wartman

We haven’t seen this style before.

3. Mallory Lalor

Always keep hope in sight.

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