5-Year-Old Saves Diabetic Granddad

Five-year-old Lucas of Catterick Village in the UK was spending the night with his granddad when things took a scary turn.

Lucas’s granddad, Gary, collapsed on the couch and became unresponsive. Gary has diabetes, and though Lucas tried to help him, he found he wasn’t able to raise his granddad. So the quick-thinking five-year-old called 999 (the UK’s 911) to get help.

Communications Officer Gabby Rudge-Cox picked up his call. She talked to Lucas calmly, and though it’s clear that he’s very scared, Lucas was able to relay enough information to Gabby for her to get emergency workers to Gary’s address within minutes of Lucas picking up the phone. While Gabby spoke to Lucas, emergency workers in the background worked to contact Lucas’s mom and get officers to Gary’s house. The first officer arrive on the scene just seven minutes after Lucas called in.

Photo: Facebook/North Yorkshire Police

“Lucas was brilliant on the phone. He managed to give me enough information to determine that his Grandad was in need of an emergency blue light response and he carried out all the instructions I gave him, like making sure the door was open to enable officers to get into his Grandad’s house,” Gabby said.

Officers on scene were able to quickly find Gary and determine he was in a diabetic coma. They were able to care for him on the scene quickly and effectively, thanks to Lucas’s cool head and clear instructions.

Later, the North Yorkshire Police department presented Lucas with a commendation in front of his entire school and invited him to visit their Force Control Room. All the officers and staff are looking forward to meeting him!

Play the video below to hear Lucas’s call!

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