Health and Fitness: 6 Exercises That Are Great for People with Diabetes

We’ve talked a lot about how important physical activity is. It is one of the best ways to improve circulation in your body, decrease stress, improve sleep, naturally improve mood, and naturally manage your blood sugar levels. And it doesn’t take as much as you might think. Remember that if you’re a beginner, and are incorporating exercise into your routine for the first time, of for the first time in a long time, any amount of additional activity is an improvement!

Over time, as little as 30 minutes a day helps maintain blood sugars and increases stamina. If, like many of us do, you find it difficult to set aside a solid 30 minute block of time, you can even break those minutes into smaller chunks of 10 minutes or more and reap the same benefits!

If you’re new to working out, it may seem intimidating. You may even be wondering what the best exercises are for people with diabetes. In the video below, you’ll find 6 excellent workouts that are different enough that you’re likely to find something you find enjoyable, which is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining your routine. What’s better is that many of them don’t require you to spend money on expensive equipment or classes! Check it out, and let us know what you think!

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