7 Amazing Diabetes Tattoos!

Why do we love diabetes tattoos so much? Because they’re a way to take back the “diabetic” label and make it an artistic symbol of hope, belonging, and even pride. We love that these tattoos allow people to not only have a way to communicate about the condition in case of an emergency, but that they allow people to do so in ways that are entirely unique and personal.

A tattoo can be a conversation started and a way to reframe someone’s view of diabetes. “Cool tattoo. Are you a diabetic?” And thus an enlightening conversation begins that will hopefully result in another diabetes advocate, and maybe even a friend.

#7. Submitted by Kaitlin Tucker Savio


“Just got it done. I’ve been diabetic for over 15 years and on a pump for 13.”


#6. Submitted by Matthew Eglin



#5. Submitted by Kerri Keiser Caraballo


“Tattoo that 5 of us got for my daughter, Kaelyn and my niece, Kelsie.”


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