8 Acts of Kindness to Perform Today and Every Day!

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Sowing a small act of kindness into the world is a simple and wonderful way to make the world around you a better place. Just a few simple actions on a daily basis can help spread the love, so check out these ideas and get started today.

1. Set a ‘Kindness Standard’ When Driving

Let that car merge in front of you, and give the driver a nice wave. Decreasing tension on the highway is a kindness that goes viral quickly, in a good way. Even better, pay the toll for the car behind you.

2. Make a Parent’s Day With a Compliment or Kind Remark

If you see a well-behaved kid in public, let the parent (and the child!) know. Even when a child is having a meltdown in public, a kind remark from a stranger can make a big difference in the parent’s day.

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