8 Ways Drinking More Water Helps Fight Diabetes Complications

Thirsty? Grab some water. Not thirsty? You should probably grab some water anyway.

Staying hydrated helps combat some of the most frustrating complications of diabetes: heart complications, low energy, dry mouth and skin, and high blood sugar. The challenge is that the kidneys are constantly working to flush excess sugar from the bloodstream by creating more urine, robbing our body of fluids. People with diabetes have their work cut out for them when it comes to staying hydrated. But it’s worth it!

Here are 8 ways staying hydrated can help you combat diabetes complications and stay healthier:

8. Promotes lower blood sugar

The kidneys use water to flush out excess blood sugar, but if that water is not being replenished, the flushing can cause the blood to become more concentrated. That means the sugar in your blood will become more concentrated, and the kidneys will continue flushing. Staying hydrated can help break the cycle, restore the body’s proper balance, and help the kidneys maintain proper blood sugar levels.

7. Prevents Dry Mouth (and eyes!)

Both diabetes medications and high blood sugar can contribute to dry mouth (more information here). Dry mouth makes it difficult to chew and swallow and can cause bad breath and chapped lips. Taking small sips of water throughout the day can combat dry mouth and promote healthy saliva production. Saliva helps keep teeth healthy, fights bacteria growth, and washes away bits of food that get stuck to your teeth. Thanks, saliva!

Staying hydrated also helps keep your eyes moist—bonus!

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