A Holiday Wish for Anyone with Diabetes

Having diabetes can sometimes make people feel really lonely. It can be an isolating condition to manage, and it often leaves people feelings as though they can’t totally relate to the people around them because they can’t share this specific experience with them, in a way that they truly understand.

The Diabetes Hands Foundation has a very specific mission: “To connect, engage, and empower people touched by diabetes.”

In the video below, their Head of Communities, Emily Coles, describes how being part of such an important mission has profoundly changed her life. She also discusses her personal experiences with diabetes, from how the condition caused her to feel alone, to how she learned to cope.

Further, Coles shares a very special holiday wish. And while your wish list might already be full of things you’ve had your eye on, you might find that the gift Emily wants for all of us might just have a place on your list as well!

Take a look, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below! While you’re there, let us know what your holiday wish is!

Happy Holidays!

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