A Future Free of Type 1 Diabetes

Receiving a diabetes diagnoses can be incredibly confusing, especially if you’re a child. It requires a great deal of responsibility and maturity to manage the condition all day, every day. All of that management can bring with it a degree of uncertainty to children and their parents, and it is almost always accompanied by fear.

But the kids in the video below aren’t letting any of that stand in their way! Instead, they’re focusing on the future, and what they hope it holds. They want to be editors, actors, paramedics, fashion designers, doctors, and so much more. And they want to be all of those things in a world free of type 1 diabetes. They have hope for a cure… not just for themselves, but so that other kids don’t have to face the same struggles they do.

Check it out to learn more about their goals, and what’s being done to help their dreams come true!

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