Accessorizing Your Insulin Pump

So, you just got a pump. It’s so convenient, and you love not having to worry about lugging around all that bulky diabetes management equipment all the time. Maybe you’ve even found that it’s really helped you control your blood glucose levels. It’s taken out some of the guess work out, and you’re having fewer hypoglycemic episodes. Plus, you have more flexibility with eating and exercising.

And you’re definitely not going to complain about the reduction in finger pricks!

However, there are still some hassles.

One of those hassles lies in trying to discreetly carry your pump with whatever you’re wearing. While some outfits are pretty accommodating, offering pockets that you can easily slip your pump into, others can be a bit more challenging. What if you’re wearing a dress? What about shorts with no or small pockets? What if you’re playing sports, and you worry about potentially damaging your pump, or worse, injuring yourself or someone else with it?

Well, Diabetic Danica has you covered!

In the video below, she shares her tips and tricks for getting dressed with an insulin pump. Most of the time, she does such a great job hiding it that you can barely even tell she’s wearing it! So, take a look, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below!

Have your own tips for hiding your pump? We’d love to hear them!

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