9 Ways to Get Your Kiddos off the Couch

The habits you form as a child are likely the habits you will carry with you throughout your life. While it’s never too late to make positive changes, establishing healthy habits early on makes it a lot easier down the road. Physical fitness is one healthy habit that should be encouraged as early as possible, especially if your child has diabetes.

Exercise is one of the best ways to balance your blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight. It makes you feel good, sleep well, and helps stave off a whole host of diseases that people with diabetes are at risk of developing. Exercise helps kids build muscle and stronger bones.

But it’s not just good for your body. Exercise can actually make you happy! It’s also great for cognitive health, as physical activity helps stimulate your brain. Studies have shown it actually improves memory and concentration, which are crucial during school-aged years.

However, in the age of cell phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles, getting your kids off the couch can be a real challenge. Who can’t relate to the desire to binge watch your favorite show at the expense of physical activity? So, we’re here to help with some tips (and a few tricks) to get your kids moving!

1. Give gifts that promote activity

While your kids might be asking for the latest and greatest technology, you can always guide some of their choices by giving gifts that promote activity. Who doesn’t remember their first bike? Looking for something a little less extravagant? Jump ropes, balls, skates, and yard games all make excellent gifts!

enfant sport frisbee attraper sauter vivre dtente plage

2. Help them appreciate the outdoors

Instilling an appreciation for nature can minimize the effort you have to put into encouraging them to go outside. Take advantage of local resources. Visit a park for a day hike, spend a weekend camping, go swimming in a lake or ocean! In addition to exercise, your kiddos will also be learning to respect the environment!

family with child hiking on holiday in austrian alps with lake and glacier view

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3. Be a good example

If you set boundaries for yourself and stick to them (i.e. limiting the amount of time you spend on devices), and instead make being active a priority, it models healthier choices for your children. If they see you leaving each morning for the gym or coming back from a run after work, this shows them that exercise is a normal part of a healthy routine.

Mother and daughter doing yoga exercises on grass in the park.

4. Don’t let the weather be an excuse

I grew up in the desert where summer days often exceeded 110 degrees, so certain activities were less than ideal. However, it made swimming (or even running around in sprinklers) sound pretty appealing. As the weather cools off, a little creativity will go a long way! Raking up leaves? Let your kids jump in the piles! Live somewhere it snows? Build snowmen or have a snowball fight!

Boys Playing in the Leaves

5. Encourage walking

When you can, ditch the car. Instead of driving to the park down the street, take a stroll. Don’t always choose the parking spot closest to the building you’re entering. Your kids might not love the idea of taking a walk with their friends, but turning it into an activity like a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood, makes it a lot more enticing!


6. Make it a family event

Set aside time to be active as a family. Not only is this a great way to get your kids engaging in physical activity, it also gives you the opportunity to connect while doing something fun! Consider taking a walk in your neighborhood, going on a bike ride, or playing a game of tag.

Young smiling family doing a bike ride

7. Help them navigate feelings of boredom

As a parent, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “I’m bored” more than once. While it’s important to encourage your children to think of creative solutions to their boredom, it doesn’t hurt to have some fun activities you can offer as jumping off points. You can help steer them in the direction of doing something active and away from disengaging in front of the television.

little girl gardener planting flower bulbs with her mom

8. Get involved

Encourage your kids to explore an interest. Consider dance classes, or joining a team sport. In addition to being a great source of exercise, participating in sports can also teach your kiddo a lot about teamwork, dedication, accountability, and respect.

Children in kimono sitting on tatami on martial arts seminar

9. Kick them out

It’s not necessarily the most graceful of tricks, but sometimes a parent has to do what a parent has to do. If your kiddo is being a couch potato, kick them out of the house! Don’t worry. We aren’t suggesting you lock the doors, but simply encourage them to head to the yard for an hour of playtime.

Children playing hide and seek

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