5 Acupressure Points Believed to Help with Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Natural therapies like acupressure cannot replace your diabetes medications, but they may help improve your blood sugar control when used in conjunction with the medications and therapies prescribed by your doctor. The evidence for many forms of alternative or natural therapies is anecdotal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work at all, at least for some people.

At the very least, it can’t hurt to try acupressure and how it makes you feel. Below, we’ve included five of the most popular points acupressure users cite for helping with diabetes management. Let us know whether any of these work for you!


The knees are perhaps one of the more surprising places to find pressure points, but there are actually acupressure points on both the fronts and the backs of the knees believed to aid in digestion, help with weight loss, and prevent premature aging. And who doesn’t want at least one of those effects?

To use these pressure points, you can massage the area about two centimeters below your knee (known as the arthritis point) or press on the area directly behind the kneecap (the urinary point).

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Liver point (feet)

The joint between your big toe and the next-door toe is a secret little pressure point known as the liver point that may help treat insomnia, diabetes, hypertension, stress, and depression, as well as liver issues. If you’re able to, it’s suggested that you spend about three to five minutes pressing on this area in a counterclockwise circle every day for maximum results, but it’s not recommended to do it when you’re tired.

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Spleen point (calf)

The spleen point is located directly behind the shinbone, slightly above the ankle on the inside of the leg. It’s believed to help the function of the spleen, which can help with overall health and function and aids in the maintenance of diabetes. Three minutes of firm pressure each day is recommended.

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Stress relief point (Wrist)

The pressure point on your wrist, known as the stress relief point, is supposed to help you reduce your stress levels, which can, in turn, contribute to an easier time losing weight and controlling blood sugar levels. This point is located on the wrist, just below the palm, on the side nearest the pinky finger.

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Instestine point (hands)

The joint between your thumb and first finger, also known as the intestine point or the hand valley point, can aid in digestion and weight loss, which can help make diabetes management much easier. Applying pressure to this point may also relieve stress, energize, and remove excess heat from the body.

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Acupressure therapy should not replace other treatments recommended by your doctor, especially if you’re taking insulin or other prescription medications. If you have medical questions or want to know more about complementary therapies for diabetes, please talk to your doctor.

If you experienced some relief from your diabetes symptoms from these acupressure points, we’d love to hear about it in the comments. What other natural therapies have you tried?

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