A Valentine’s Day Ode to a Faulty Pancreas

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, right? To tell the people closest to you just how much you love and appreciate them. To shower your significant other with flowers, chocolates, a fancy dinner, and a moonlit stroll.

Single? No problem. Maybe you’re spending your February 14th showering compliments on your friends and family. Letting them know you care and that your life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Or, maybe, on this day of love, you’ve begun to realize that there are some things in your life that simply aren’t meeting your standards. And let’s face it: you deserve the best. So, while others are honoring all different kinds of love, you might be finding yourself falling out of love, and possibly looking for a little more.

This is just what happened to one of our favorite diabetic bloggers, Kerri Sparling, of Six Until Me. In the video below, Sparling composes a hilarious un-love letter to the thing in her life that’s leaving her feeling… well, a little low (pardon the pun): her pancreas. Take a look!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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