Do You Have Anxiety and Diabetes? You’re Not Alone.

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Reddit user punkpandas writes, “It sucks to be anxious and diabetic at the same time. Sometimes I cannot decide right away if it’s an anxiety attack or a low. They kinda feel the same to me.”

Have you ever felt this way? Well, the good news is that you’re not alone.

It’s okay to have anxiety. Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, and the stress of monitoring and treating diabetes certainly doesn’t help. It also doesn’t make things easier that there is no cut-and-dry solution to the issue.

But there are solutions out there to help. Talk to your doctor about what changes you can make to your diabetes treatments and lifestyle to help make your anxiety more bearable.

And while you’re waiting for whatever solution you choose to start working, take comfort in these words of camaraderie and encouragement from others who have gone through something similar.

(Note: Some comments have been edited for length or grammar.)

Haunted by ghosts of her past

“Yep. I get this.”

“Also, when I work out or do anything physically exerting, it feels the same as a low (warm, sweaty, tired), so I’m constantly checking the Dexcom…” —Reddit user Kathulhu1433

“True that.”

“I’m bipolar and type one, and it’s one hell of a rodeo.” —Reddit user kommie178

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