Holiday Recipe: Diabetes Friendly Apple Walnut Salad

It’s officially the holiday season, which means we’re all busy planning our menus for our family gatherings. While this time of year can be difficult for people with diabetes, as temptation is out in full force, there are some delicious options out there that allow you to feel a lot more indulgent than you’re really being. That’s not to say you can’t indulge at all, but simply that by adding a little balance to your plate, you can splurge on the things that really matter! For me, that means not passing up a slice of spiced apple pie!

In the video below, Toby prepares an apple walnut salad from “Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Dummies” that looks absolutely delicious. Not only is it healthy, it’s super easy to make, which is ideal during a time that is otherwise so busy! Take a look!

Happy Holidays!

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