Tom Hanks Looks At His Type 2 Diabetes In Such A Humorous, But Inspiring Way

We’ve said it time and time again that diabetes doesn’t make any exceptions for anyone. In an interview with David Letterman on the Late Show, Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe award-winner, Tom Hanks, announced his most recent type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Dealing with high-blood sugar levels since the age of 36, his doctor was quick to let him know that he “graduated” and now had type 2 diabetes. Finding humor and the silver lining of his diagnosis, Tom let the audience know that despite his diagnosis it’s still a controllable disease. However, it did mean he would have to “pull off a level of actorly weight control to rival Christian Bale and Robert De Niro.” Take it from Tom, you are the boss of your diabetes don’t let it dictate your life!

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