To Mr. King: We’ll Be Singing the Blues Without You

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B.B. King has passed away from complications brought on by diabetes. The world-renowned blues legend lived on the road for 65 years, sharing his incredible music with the world. The King of the Blues also dealt with Type II diabetes for 20 of those years, and he wasn’t afraid to talk about it.

Although there are known risk factors, the truth is that anyone can be diagnosed with type II diabetes. You can be young and healthy like Halle Berry, a world athlete like tennis champion Billy Jean King, or a Grammy Award winning Rock And Roll Hall of Famer… like B.B. King. In this video from 2009, King discusses how diabetes has affected his life. Enjoy, then maybe pull out the old record player and pay tribute to one of the greatest musicians that ever lived.

Rest in peace, B.B. King. We’ll be singing the blues without you.

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