This Baby’s Laugh Will Make Your Day! I Couldn’t Stop Laughing At The :23 Mark – And Neither Could He!

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There is just something about a baby’s laugh that’s infectious. When I’m around an infant or toddler, it’s all I can do not to spend the whole time grinning, making bizarre noises, and waggling my fingers in the air to get the child to laugh.

Why? Because a baby’s giggle is the GREATEST sound in the world. It’s pure happiness.

The little baby boy in this video is beyond adorable. He is entertained by something so unbelievably small, it’s… incredible. Kids are so funny about stuff like that, though. It seems like a cardboard box is usually more exciting than the toy that came in it, right?

I love that about kids; they love the simple things!

But seriously, this little cutie’s laugh… wait till you hear it. His giggles will seriously make your day.

Watch the video now and get an instant pick-me-up. (You won’t be able to stop smiling throughout the whole thing!)

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