Boston Children’s Hospital Closer To Type 1 Cure

InsulinShotWe could be one step closer to understanding the cause and cure to type 1 diabetes. Today diabetes is affecting 215,000 people in the U.S., and the Boston Children’s Hospital believes they are on the brink of curing type 1 diabetes.

They’ve announced on their blog, that there is a possibility that they’ve found a way to treat diabetes without insulin shots by discovering the root cause of type 1 diabetes, the ATP/P2X7R pathway. After studying hundreds of pathways in animals with diabetes, this particular pathway triggers the T-cell attacks on the pancreas, causing it unable to produce insulin.

“By identifying the ATP/P2X7R pathway as the early mechanism in the body that fired up an alloimmune response, we found the root cause of diabetes,” says Dr. Paolo Fiorina of the Nephrology Division at Boston Children’s Hospital. “With the cause identified, we can now focus on treatment options. Everything from drug therapies to transplants that require less immunosupression is being explored.”

We won’t have this cure tomorrow, but it’s not far-fetched to say it may be available in a few years so we can test possible therapies on children.

Fiorina hopes that not only will they find different way to manage diabetes for patients currently using insulin, but to possibly one day prevent the disease from developing in any more of our children in the future.

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