4-Year-Old Connor Gets Surprised While Checking His Blood Sugar!

Diabetes is a lot of work, but it helps if you can have a little fun with it. We admire this kiddo so much, not only for his courage but also his ability to have fun with the responsibilities that come along with having diabetes. He wants to do everything all by himself!

Connor was diagnosed with Type I diabetes four days before his parents filmed this video. And we think he’s doing great for being only four days in! Perhaps the novelty of it hasn’t worn off yet, but neither has the pain, and this child does great with the finger poke!

His parents walk him through how to check his blood sugar, but they let him help every step of the way. Connor gets to prick his own finger, and he does a great job–on the first try, we might add!

His reaction to pricking his finger is adorable! And we love the way he says “DIABETES!”

Watch the video below to see just how cute checking your blood sugar can be!

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