This Groundbreaking Company is Raising Awareness for Diabetes Management…With Help from Nick Jonas!

Musician and actor Nick Jonas’ life changed forever when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age thirteen. He was terrified — not only for his health, but also for his dreams of being a musician and performer. But he decided not to let the disease limit him.

Since then, Jonas has encouraged others with the disease, assuring them that it doesn’t have to stop them either. And his message will help others even further; he’s partnered with Dexcom, Inc., a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) company, to raise awareness for diabetes management. He himself uses and swears by their product, claiming it’s helped him stay healthy in the midst of his hectic lifestyle. Check out this video to learn more about Jonas’ story and Dexcom’s system.

Science has taken us in amazing directions. Diabetes, a once fatal disease, can now be treated. But modern medicine isn’t content to stop at treatment; it wants to find a cure. You can help that cause.

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