Date Night On A Budget

Struggling to come up with unique date night plans? Wanting to show your significant other how much you care about them but don’t have a bottomless bank account? (Join the club). These creative ideas go outside of the box without breaking the bank! Whether you’re still getting to know your significant other or have already spent a lifetime together, there is something on this list for you!

1. Go thrifting

Image Via  Creative Commons
Image Via Creative Commons

You don’t have to buy anything, but it can be fun to look at antiques and nostalgic products from the 90s. You can even have a contest with your date about who can find the ugliest piece of clothing or weirdest accessory. Bonus points if you two buy a cheap something and refurbish it and sell it for a profit!

Jessica Griggs

Hailing from the great state of Iowa, Jess currently lives on the eastside of Seattle where she loves to write, crochet, upcycle, redecorate her tiny apartment and play with her cat. Oh, and her husband lives there too.

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