Nutrients in Camel Milk May Help Fight Diabetes, Study Shows

There is a wide variety of different foods that can help you fight type 2 diabetes, but the more foods we can add to that list, the healthier we can be and the more we can enjoy what we eat. Now researchers at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) have discovered yet another food with inherent antidiabetic properties. Incorporating it into your diet could help prevent complications and keep your blood sugar and symptoms in check.

The study, called “Molecular basis of the antidiabetic properties of camel milk through profiling of its bioactive peptides on DPP-IV and insulin receptor activity,” was conducted by Dr. Mohammed Ayoub and his labmates at the Department of Biology and Dr. Sajid Maqsood and labmates at the Department of Food and Sciences, College of Science at UAEU.

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Scientists have studied camel milk before, but this time, the researchers were looking to find out what specific bioactive antidiabetic agents exist in camel milk protein fractions so they could understand what was going on at the molecular level. The study revealed the profiling and pharmacological actions of camel whey proteins and their derived peptide fractions on the human insulin receptor and the pathways involved in glucose homeostasis.

To break it down into layman’s terms, camel whey proteins help the insulin receptors in our body to react properly to the insulin our bodies make. When these receptors act as they’re supposed to, our cells are able to take in the glucose from our blood more easily, and our bodies no longer feel the need to create an excess of insulin to combat the problem of insulin resistance, which can be very hard on the pancreas.

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Ingesting camel milk and other antidiabetic foods on a regular basis helps combat insulin by helping our insulin receptors work properly and allow glucose into our cells so that our cells have energy and our pancreases don’t need to work so hard to make extra insulin. Over time, enough antidiabetic foods and lifestyle changes can even effectively reverse type 2 diabetes.

The researchers hope their work will be a breakthrough in diabetes treatment and that camel milk can begin to be used in functional products and foods to treat the disease. Each new bit of research that comes out on the subject is further proof that camel milk is a good ingredient to use in such diabetes-fighting products.

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Of course, camel milk is not yet available in supermarkets in many areas of the world. But we hope that research like this study can help make it a more popular commodity. In the meantime, you may be able to get your hands on some camel milk in specialty or health food stores or online.

So if you see camel milk as an ingredient in a product, rest assured that it’s there to help you fight diabetes and insulin resistance. And if you’re able to consume camel milk and other diabetes-fighting foods regularly, you’ll be doing something great for your own health. Drink up!

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