This Should Be Available For Children With Diabetes In EVERY State!

Camp can be a quintessential experience for children. They make lasting friendships, play games, create crafts, and learn about themselves along the way. For a child with diabetes, camp holds a little more risk. In fact, most summer camps won’t take young children with diabetes, because of the medical knowledge required to appropriately manage the children.

That’s all changing! Camp Crossroads recently opened at UIC in Northern Illinois with a very special focus: most campers and counselors have Type 1 diabetes! Camp Crossroads is sponsored by the American Diabetes Association, and the ADA created the program activities for the camp. They’ve made sure to thread educational diabetes management in with fun, recreational camp activities. The kids are grouped by age and activities; they forge new relationships, learn about their health, and are surrounded by people who understand diabetes. They won’t feel isolated and different from their peers, and they’ll learn about how other children deal with their diabetes as well!


Among the management tips the children learn is checking their glucose levels before eating. This is a necessary and life-saving habit to develop at a young age, because if sugar levels are not properly managed, it can cause brain damage.

The camp is currently for kids ages 4-9, lasts a week long and costs $310 for members and $410 for non-members. However, the ADA throws fundraisers and events throughout the year to raise money for the camp — resulting in a reduction of cost for all of their campers! Summer 2015 registration is full, but you can start signing up for next year’s camp in February of 2016!

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