Can Cosmetics & Candles Contribute to Type 2 Risk?

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By Kathleen Blanchard RN for

Researchers studied people over 70 to find higher levels of phthalates in the blood stream was associated with double the chance of type 2 diabetes. Phthalates are found in plastics, cosmetics and scented candles and have been shown to disrupt hormones in the body. Though no one knows for certain that the compounds are harmful to health, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting the chemicals can affect reproductive health of children and may contribute to other diseases.

The new study looked at 1,000 70-year-old women and men from Uppsala, Sweden. Researchers analyzed blood levels of phthalates and other substances that result when the chemical is broken down in the body.

Diabetes more likely when phthalate levels higher
What they found was twice the chances of type 2 diabetes among participants who had higher levels of phthalates. As expected, people who were overweight or obese and with high cholesterol levels were most likely to have diabetes.

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