Can I Skip a Meal?

Life is busy. Tying to juggle all of the demands of our daily tasks can feel impossible.

Often times, preparing and eating a well balanced meal can be the thing that ends up falling by the wayside. Maybe you had a late night, and decide that you’d rather sleep in than take the time to eat breakfast. Maybe your day fills up, and you realize the only time to run your errands is during your lunch break, meaning lunch gets overlooked.

You’re not alone.

We all have justifications for skipping meals (sleep is more essential than breakfast… we’re not that hungry… we’ll have a big dinner). There are always plenty of reasons not to take the time to sit down for a meal.

However, do we really know what the consequences are? Do we fully understand the toll it takes when we skip meals?

In the video below, we learn just what happens when we don’t prioritize eating consistently. Take a look, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! Do you have tips for making sure you don’t find yourself needing to skip meals? Make sure you share those too!

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