5 Celebrities Who Are Making The World A Better Place

Celebrities yield huge amounts of influence in much of the Western world. There are many celebrities who take that influence seriously and spend their time supporting, leading, and even founding charity organizations. There are some celebrities, however, who go above and beyond in helping make the world a better place. These are the stories of celebrities taking philanthropy 10 steps past writing a check.

Check out these five celebrities who use their star-power for the greater good!

5. Ricky Gervais

The comedian and creator of The Office (2001) has a huge heart when it comes to animals. Among other celebrities, Gervais has leant his voice to support one of our partners, The Soi Dog Foundation, an organization that rescues dogs from the illegal meat trade in Southeast Asia. The Soi Dog Foundation has been successful in building shelters and saving thousands of dogs!


Ricky Gervais / Via SaveDogs.SoiDog.org

In the video located on their website (warning: the video contains graphic content), Gervais and other celebrities show their horrified and sad reactions to real footage of the illegal dog trade. The contents of the video are horrific and graphic, but depict the reality of the conditions that innocent dogs face every day. You can help save these dogs with just a small donation!

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