Meet Charlie Robot, Your Personal Diabetes Life Coach!

How would you like to have a life coach to help manage your child’s diabetes? Well, you may soon be able to. Researchers from the Netherlands, Italy, Britain, and Germany have come together to develop a diabetes training robot named Charlie. He functions as a trainer to teach kids about their condition and encourage them to manage it properly. There aren’t very many Charlie’s available for all the children with diabetes throughout the world, but we hope this tool-turned-toy will take off in the years to come so that everyone can have access to one.

Charlie can stand, walk, dance, and talk. He asks fun questions like how old a child is and what their favorite color is. But this is just a segue into the deeper questions about how well kids are managing their diabetes and how they’re feeling. Once the robot is satisfied with that, the real fun (and learning) begins.

Charlie Robot plays diabetes-related games with children and does quizzes with them (making sure to get a few answers wrong when it’s his turn). These games teach kids about counting carbohydrates, choosing the right foods to eat, what a good blood sugar level looks like, how to talk to other about diabetes, and more. Then parents and health care professionals can glean the information they need about the child’s health without disrupting playtime!

Watch the video below to learn more about how Charlie Robot helps kids with diabetes management! Next, read 9 Ways to Get Your Kiddos Off the Couch!

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