Health and Fitness: The Importance of Exercising Safely

In our new Health and Fitness series, we hope to give you the information and motivation you need to incorporate more physical activity into your day! In addition to offering tips and tricks for sticking with your routine and overcoming obstacles that might prevent you from reaping the myriad benefits working out has to offer, we also want to make sure you understand why exercise is so important.

In the video below, CNN follows the Type 2 diagnosis of one man; Clint Morrison. He describes the way in which his doctor immediately sent him to a dietician to develop a management strategy. His plan would ultimately include modifying his diet and beginning an exercise routine, which would allow him to naturally lower his blood sugar levels.

Morrison, previously an avid backpacker, was required to learn how to exercise safely and in a manner that would allow him to focus his efforts for maximum results.

Check out the video below to see Morrison’s story, and learn more about exercise safety!

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