These Color-Changing Tattoos Could Change The Way Diabetes Is Managed!

Few people would argue with the idea that managing diabetes is difficult. You never get a day off. You never get a break. And the truth is, it can, and often does, impact nearly every aspect of your life. On top of all of that, there are so many different things that can affect your numbers.

Didn’t get enough sleep? Your numbers might be affected by that. Under some additional pressure at work that’s increasing your stress levels? It might be increasing your blood glucose levels, as well. Did you just exercise? Your numbers were probably affected.

And sometimes it’s just not easy to stop what you’re doing to test. Moreover, while many people report being able to feel changes in their body when they’re high or low, those symptoms can change, and even disappear altogether over time, making it increasingly difficult to listen to the alarm bells your body is sending out.

But what if there was an easier, more reliable way for your body to tell you it’s time to test? Well, there just might be.

color changing tat

Researchers at MIT and Harvard are teaming up to develop an innovative new way to track your health: color changing tattoos. These amazing tattoos could allow people to see, on the surface of their skin, changes in their blood glucose levels, among other metabolic fluctuations. In lieu of tattoo ink, these tattoos feature 4 biosensors that detect changes in blood sugar, pH, and sodium.


This incredible advancement could offer warnings to people with diabetes and provide more real-time indicators of bodily changes. It could also take some of the burden off of people suffering from this condition. We think that’s pretty awesome!

Take a look at the video below to learn more about this exciting new technology!

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