Creativity is Calling. It’s About Time You Picked Up!

French writer Gustave Flaubert said a mouthful when he murmured,  “you don’t make art out of good intentions.” How many times have you intended to devote yourself to a creative endeavor, only to be distracted by the everyday? Well, we’re here to help. After all, the benefits of creative expression are undeniable. Yes, it will take some effort. No, everything will not fall into place overnight. But in the end? It will be worth it. We promise.

PREPARE creativitytime2

Give yourself some space. Don’t wait for the muse to strike before you choose a nice, quiet spot where you’ll be able to fully engage your brain in the creative process. Identify your zone and stock it full of whatever you’ll need to be productive as well as the standard stuff like pens, pencils, paper, and even snacks. The goal here is to not give yourself a reason to get up and get away.

Master your tools. A level of meager efficiency in Scrivener is all well and good. But if you’re planning on plotting and writing your first novel with the writing system, you’ll need to figure out the ins and outs before hand in order to avoid wasting valuable time on a steep learning curve. No matter your creative outlet of choice, a sound understanding of all tools needed to get you moving before you begin is vital.

Eliminate distractions. There’s an app for that! Really. Try Freedom, for example. You’ll be locked out of the internet for as long as you choose–and just in case you’re tempted to cheat, Freedom requires you to reboot–which is a hassle, so you might as well keep on writing that sonnet or composing your concerto. And how about turning off your phone, too? Insert audible gasp. To make it more palatable, be sure to tell all important people ahead of time exactly when you’ll be unreachable. You’ll worry less about missing important calls and be more able to focus on the creative task at hand.

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