Creativity is Calling. It’s About Time You Picked Up!


Value the work. After all, if you don’t take your creativity seriously, who will? In an article written for the Etsy Success blog, editor Audrey Manning urges individuals to “treat your creativity and the fruits of your labor as your most precious assets. If you think of your creativity as your lifeblood, you’ll start to see it as a source of fuel for everything else that you do.” Don’t downplay your need to create. Recognize it for what it is: integral to who you are and what you hope to become. You’re worth it.

Take care of yourself. Creativity demands focus and energy–two things that are hard to pull off if you’re not looking after your physical and mental well being. Now might be the time to check-in with your primary care physician just to be sure you’re getting adequate rest, eating a healthy, balanced diet, and tending to your mind and spirit with the right amount of thoughtfulness.

Share your progress with others. The benefits of this particular point are many. First, doing so validates your efforts–and let’s be honest, we could all use more validation, especially when it comes to an endeavor that sits so close to our hearts. Second, people love to share what they’re up to, so you’d be doing a solid for a friend. And last, hearing what other people are up to can be quite inspiring and might end up informing your own work. Win-win!

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Lydia Lee lives in Seattle with two sweet, if slightly out of control, dogs. She loves reading, food, and the opportunity to make a difference.