Celebrities That Manage Diabetes And Careers!

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Plenty of celebrities face the challenges of dealing with diabetes while still reaching success in the limelight. Below is a list of the some big names from various backgrounds in the entertainment industry. It’s encouraging to see people who’ve managed diabetes and a demanding career and found success. Let them inspire you to not let your diabetes limit your dreams!

Selma Hayek

During her pregnancy with daughter Valentina, movie star Selma Hayek discovered she had gestational diabetes. Up to 10 percent of women experience gestational diabetes, which doctors detect between 24 and 28 weeks into the pregnancy, says Women’s Health, and it puts them at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes as they age.


Larry King

In 1995, former talk show host Larry King faced a type 2 diabetes diagnosis after years of battling heart disease. Diet, exercise and medication are part of his regimen for staying healthy.


Drew Carrey

In 2010, comedian Drew Carrey lost 80 pounds after he found out he had type 2 diabetes. After changing his diet and exercise routine, Carrey claims he no longer has diabetic issues, nor does he need to take any more diabetes medication.


Sherri Shepherd

In 2007, actress and former co-host for The View, Sherri Shepherd received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, but did nothing to change her lifestyle. It wasn’t until two years later that she consulted a nutritionist and personal trainer to help her lose weight when she realized she never wanted her son Jeffrey to grow up without a mother.


Vanessa Williams

Former beauty queen, singer and actress Vanessa Williams has type 1 diabetes. Williams is an avid exerciser and the author of a children’s book meant to educate kids about staying healthy even with a diabetes diagnosis.


Tracy Morgan

In 1996, comedian Tracy Morgan found out he had type 2 diabetes, but only began to actively fight the disease in 2007 when a doctor told him he could lose his foot. He began to take insulin regularly and watch his diet, although he received a kidney transplant in 2010 likely due to complication from diabetes.


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