Diabetes Complications You Haven’t Heard About

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A person with diabetes is more likely to develop cancer. Researchers hypothesize that high blood sugar can cause tumor growth.

Memory Loss

Diabetes can restrict an individual’s blood flow. This not only causes circulation problems in the extremities, but in the brain as well. Impaired blood flow to the brain equals an unhealthy brain and memory loss.


Those with diabetes have a lower life expectancy than those without diabetes. Mostly, this shortened lifespan is a result of the other complications that march hand-in-hand with the disease.


Diabetes can hurt a person emotionally as well as physically. The constant challenge of keeping your blood sugar level and managing the disease can cause stress and depression.

Although these complications are serious and potentially life-threatening, consistently managing your blood sugar with healthy food choices and regular exercise can help you to prevent them. It’s also important to get regular checkups with a medical professional to catch any problems early on.

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