Diabetes and Job Hunting: 10 Things You Should Know

8. Voluntary Disclosure During Interviews

The decision to disclose your diabetes during a job interview is up to you. If you decide to tell a potential employer that you have diabetes, the employer is limited in the questions they can ask. They cannot legally ask about your condition, your treatment plan, or your prognosis. If they believe your condition will require accommodations due to the nature of the work, they can ask if you’ll need accommodations, and may ask you to specify what those accommodations will be. They can also ask for a medical evaluation after making a job offer.

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7. Medical Exams

Employers are not legally allowed to ask you to undergo a medical examination before a job offer is made. The employer can, however, make the offer conditional based on the results of a medical exam — but only if that’s the case for every person who is offered your type of job. After the exam, the employer can only deny you employment under two conditions: you cannot perform the essential duties of the job, or your diabetes poses a substantial threat to the safety and health of other employees. If an employer can deal with any potential issues by incorporating a special accommodation, however, they are required to do so.

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