This Dress Goes With My Shoes — But Not My Insulin Pump

Picking out clothes every day can be a chore for a lot of people. Finding the right clothing that is stylish yet “pump-friendly” makes that task even more difficult. Countless magazines and blogs are dedicated to offering fashion advice– from the most comfortable shoes to take on vacation, to the latest trends in hair accessories, it seems like it’s all covered.

However, one thing consistently gets overlooked: how to manage your diabetes in style. In the following video, diabetes vlogger DiabeticDanica shares some practical shopping tips for women with diabetes.

Do you only wear styles that help conceal your pump, or do you put style first and worry about concealing the pump later? Do you care to conceal the pump at all? Tell us about your own fashion tips and tricks that you have devised while managing your diabetes in the comments below when you’re done watching!


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