Important Life Lessons from Disney Princesses

Disney has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. From all that time we’ve spent watching princesses dancing with handsome princes, we’ve probably learned a thing or two.

Here are a few important lessons we may have learned from these beloved characters!

You Don’t Have to Settle for Your Comfort Zone

Settling for what makes you comfortable means you’ll miss out on a lot in life; Rapunzel took a leap with Flynn, and she discovered a whole new side to her life that she never knew.

You Have to Work for Your Dreams

Hard work gets more than pure luck, and Tiana knows that from experience. She may have kissed her frog prince, but she worked hard to make her goal of being a restaurant owner come to life.

Carpe Diem

Ariel “seized the day” when she knew her prince was out there; while she may have gotten into trouble by working with the witch Ursula, she got to explore a whole new world (I know, wrong movie) unknown to her. Sometimes, it just takes a leap of faith to learn more about yourself and your surroundings.

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