This Food Pantry Has People With Diabetes In Mind!

Many people struggling to make ends meet find themselves in food deserts, or areas where fresh, healthy food is either difficult to find or unaffordable. This takes it’s toll on the health of the families and individuals who find themselves in this situation. If you have diabetes, it makes managing your disease nearly impossible. However, a food pantry in Milwaukee is now extending the option of healthy eating to the economically disadvantaged.

The Ebenezer Church food pantry is open to everyone and offers food that is suitable for people with diabetes.
The church pantry stocks healthy options such as broccoli, apples, potatoes, and onions to allow participants to make healthy food choices. In collaboration with UW, the pantry hosts a nutritionist to demonstrate healthy cooking choices. What’s even more amazing? A nurse practitioner is available to help people with diabetes make meal plans that will help manage their disease.

Check out the video below to learn more about this amazing new program! We sure hope more communities follow their lead!

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