These Food Trends Are Actually Great For People With Diabetes!

Certain foods and diets have become trends in today’s society. Eating is now so much more than just something we do because we have to. Whether you’re looking for more healthy options or just something a little more interesting, there’s a trending food that you’re sure to love.

Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-brewed coffee’s momentum is picking up. The process is quite different from making regular hot coffee. The beans are ground and brewed for hours in cold water. This cuts down on the coffee’s acidity and makes the taste much more smooth, allowing coffee lovers everywhere to enjoy a cup without adding any creamers or sugar.


Photo: Kirinohana, Flickr

The main ingredient for a cup of matcha is a special preparation of finely ground, shade-grown green tea. Full of distinctive flavor, matcha has become a healthy food sensation. says that matcha is packed with antioxidants. Matcha isn’t restricted existence as a hot beverage, either. There are many recipes out there for all kinds of food goodies including cupcakes, salad dressing, and even popcorn.

Ugly Produce

Photo: Jitze Couperus, Flickr

In an effort to curb food waste, it has become popular to eat strange-looking fruits and vegetables. Many stores throw away produce, not because it’s spoilt, but because it looks weird or misshapen. Clean Eating Magazine says that there are many campaigns out there trying to celebrate the weirdly shaped fruits or veggies so as to reduce waste.

Exotic Produce

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Not only are strange-looking fruits and veggies gaining in popularity, but exotic ones are as well. There are many interesting and different options from all around the world. says that introducing new produce to your diet not only keeps you healthy, but keeps you from getting bored with your food too.

Cricket Flour

Photo: Gemma Stiles, Flickr

The idea of grinding up crickets to make flour may be disgusting to most Americans. However, with an incredible amount of protein in it, cricket flour has a lot of support in the health food world. Entomophagy, or the act of eating insects, has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.


Photo: Sam Howzit, Flickr

No one said the eating trends had to be healthy. One of the biggest food crazes involves waffles, and not in their usual breakfast style. Waffles are replacing bread or starch in a lot of savory lunches or dinners. There are even food trucks out there which specialize in waffle sandwiches.  If you make them at home, they’re a great candidate for low-calorie sweeteners!

Middle-Eastern Food

Photo: The Marmot, Flickr

Shawarma, falafel, gyros and hummus are all some of the most popular foods out there today. Food from the Middle-East has picked up quite a lot of interest in recent years. Locale Magazine believes part of the reason for this is because it offers lighter options that do not have the same levels of oil and grease that American foods contain.

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