Here’s Some Sweet News for Anyone on a Diabetic Diet

There are a lot of things that having diabetes changes about a person’s life. Things they have to take into consideration or plan for that would never occur to people who don’t have the condition. Sometimes it can even feel like diabetes puts a lot of limits on things… what you can do… what you can eat…

But sometimes it’s important to ask yourself if you really have to give things up or avoid them completely.

For instance, think a diabetic diet means giving up your favorite fruits? Think again! While the stigma exists that fruit consumption causes glucose levels to drastically climb, studies have shown certain types of fruit, when consumed in moderation, offer tremendous health benefits to people with diabetes.

The main concern, of course, lies in the amount of carbohydrates found in fruit. But what if there was a way to limit carbs, and get all of the amazing benefits fruit has to offer? These seven fruits are perfect complements to a diabetic diet. Not only are they low in carbohydrates, they’re also excellent sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.

What’s even better? The video below offers some delicious and interesting ways to incorporate fruits into your diet outside of eating them on their own. But some of these are so delicious, you might not want to eat them with anything else!

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