People Who Drink Six Or More Cups Of Green Tea Per Day Have Reduced Risk For Type 2 Diabetes

Several studies indicate that green tea is beneficial for helping patients with obesity, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

In a research review published in the Diabetes and Metabolism Journal, a study conducted in Japan shows a 33 percent reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetes in participants with a daily intake of six or more cups of green tea daily, compared to those consuming less than cup weekly.

A Taiwanese researcher found that people who drank green tea regularly for a period longer than a decade had low body fat composition and smaller waists compared to irregular green tea consumers.

Green tea

There are many studies that support the vast cases of positive results as illustrated through several mechanisms that researchers suggest could explain the positive effects of green tea on obesity and glucose metabolism. As Dr. Joseph Mercola explains, after consumption of green tea, the most abundant form of catechin found in green tea, known as Epigallocatechin gallate, increases fat oxidation and energy expenditure by inhibiting adipocyte differentiation and proliferation in 3T3-L1 cells.

Green tea has positive effects on people with diabetes due to its high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols that help reduce oxidative stress, reduce cholesterol level, reduce blood pressure and lead to vasodilation. Polyphenol also contributes to the regulation of glucose in the body, helping control diabetes.

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Green tea has beneficial results in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. In a prediabetes study discussed by Nutrientology that was conducted on 56 obese people with high blood pressure, green tea was shown to reduce the level of insulin resistance, oxidative stress, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha and blood markers of inflation. Each subject in this group consumed a daily 379 mg green tea extract for three months.

Lifestyle choices highly drive type 2 diabetes and drinking green tea for both prevention and management of diabetes is not complicated. Drinking green tea could be beneficial for anyone with diabetes due to the abundant polyphenols that help the body to efficiently metabolize sugar. Check with a medical professional if you are considering changes to your diet.

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