Don’t Get Too Attached to Your Pump; This Device Might Take Its Place!

If you are experienced with or have diabetes, then you already know that monitoring blood sugar and glucose levels is time-consuming and challenging. This constant effort, though, can mean the difference between life and death when your body needs insulin.

Now, a new “smart” insulin patch may transform how diabetics regulate their blood sugar, eliminating the need for daily injections!

As of 2015, North Carolina researchers are in the process of developing what is being called a “smart” insulin patch that automatically manages blood sugar levels and detects when insulin is needed, as reported by the Washington Post. Currently, the patch is being tested on mice by researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina.

This amazing invention is designed to make what are sometimes painful, and often burdensome insulin injections obsolete for diabetics.

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The “smart” insulin patch is no larger than a penny, consisting of a thin square with microneedles that store glucose-sensing enzymes to detect increases in blood sugar and insulin. When blood sugar increases, the microneedles dispense insulin painlessly and quickly through the patch. The patch can last for up to a week.

Preliminary tests have indicated that the patch has the ability to lower the blood sugar levels of mice with type 1 diabetes for a period of up to nine hours. John Buse, director of the UNC Diabetes Care Center, told the Washington Post that the technology might take years to determine if the patch would be effective in humans with diabetes. The disease continues to affect approximately 387 million people worldwide, according to Yahoo News.

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Most people know what it’s like to get sick occasionally. However, living with a chronic condition like diabetes, is an entirely different situation. Unfortunately, it never takes a day off, which means patients have to manage their condition all day, every day.

Luckily, as technology improves, people with diabetes are able to acquire medical care that is less invasive and less painful than ever before.

If you, or someone you know, has diabetes and is seeking a less painful way to monitor blood sugar levels, there are some new developments that we’re so excited about! Check out these awesome new devices that we just can’t wait to try here!

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