12 More Diabetes Tattoos We LOVE!

We can never get enough of your diabetes tattoo submissions! We love seeing your tattoos that turn medical alerts into creative forms of self-expression. We love your tattoos that celebrate yourselves, and that also show support for your loved ones. They are a real source of inspiration.

And because you love seeing them, too, we’ve put together 12 more diabetes tattoos to inspire you. Check out our latest installment below. We thank you all for sharing your photos. Please continue to do so!

Submitted by Sarah Piech



Submitted by Misty Moss

“17 years, and I still struggle everyday! This tattoo has given me strength and reminds me that I AM GREATER!”



Submitted by Amy Geygan Robinson

“My husband is an electrician and can’t wear med alerts. This includes his allergies.”



Submitted by Tabitha Turlington



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