Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman Takes Us on a Hilarious Tour of a Pizza Farm

In this satirical video, Nick Offerman, best known for his hilarious role as Ron Swanson in “Parks and Recreation,” plays Daniel Frances: Food Expert. The “expert” notes the recent push to offer healthier choices in children’s school lunches, but is stumped by what the word “healthy” really means.

Frances/Offerman sets out to answer this question as he guides us on a tour of a pizza farm, taquito orchard and through fields of sloppy Joes watered with soda. At one point, viewers witness a farm worker stapling fish fingers to a vine, but Offerman dismisses this by pointing out it doesn’t matter how the food got on the farm only that it was there.

It’s all in jest, of course, and is attempting to highlight how school lunches should come from wholesome and nutritious ingredients. Made by Funny or Die and The American Heart Association, the video’s message is clear: we need to give our kids some healthier options! Check it out!

To learn more about how you can help promote healthier lunch options, visit GreaterGood’s Diabetes website.

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