8 Ways to Save Money on Diabetes Supplies

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5. Shop Around for Deals

Chances are good that there is more than one store in town that sells the supplies you need. Shop around to find better deals at other places by watching for advertisement circulars or announcements on retailers’ websites. National chain drug stores may have lower prices than local, “mom and pop” drug stores.

6. Stock Up When Prices Go Lower

When you see lower prices, stock up as much as possible. That way, you save money when prices go up and you have plenty of supplies on hand. This strategy only works on non-perishable items, such as test strips, batteries for your equipment and alcohol to sterilize your skin when you take insulin injections.

7. Look Online

Look online for places you can find cheaper supplies and medications. Some pharmaceutical companies offer prescription assistance programs to help with your costs. Find cheaper prices from online sellers of your supplies when you compare those prices to your usual retailer. To make online shopping worthwhile, look for places that offer free shipping for larger purchases and compare that to your usual costs.

8. Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor could have some ideas for saving money. Not only does your doctor have connections with pharmaceutical companies, health insurance agencies and health care systems, but your dedicated health care professional might also hear money-saving tips from patients that he can pass around to others. Some discount programs require paperwork to fill out, and your doctor’s office can help with that task.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to saving money on your diabetes supplies if you know where to look. No one has to go through the struggles of diabetes while worrying about whether you can afford lifesaving insulin, test strips, blood glucose monitors or batteries for your devices. There’s always a way to save money without having to sacrifice other items in your budget if you know how to shop.

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