Ridiculous Questions Parents of Kids with Diabetes Encounter All. The. Time.

People who don’t suffer from diabetes can really struggle to understand the disease, and the misconceptions represented in the media do little to help with that. As a result parents of kids with diabetes sometimes have to field questions about their child’s disease that drive them more than a little nuts. This animated video features some actual questions and comments faced by a mother of a girl with diabetes. Some of the ones we find the most ridiculous include:

“Is it the bad kind of diabetes?”

“If Halle Berry can cure herself, why can you not cure your daughter?”

“It’s a good thing that she got it when she is so young. That way she will never know anything else.”

While some of these questions and comments may be well-intentioned, they do display a lack of awareness among the general public about the nature of the disease, which can be truly frustrating. Check out the way this clever mom chooses to respond!

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