11 Subtle Signs of Diabetes That Are Easy to Miss

Because diabetes can develop gradually, it’s important to recognize any early warnings signs and take preventative measures as soon as possible. If you find that these symptoms fit you, it’s time to consult your doctor and perhaps get some blood tests done.

11. Changing Vision

Sudden fluctuations in vision should be taken very seriously—even if that change is for the better. While it may be exciting to suddenly find yourself less reliant on your glasses, vision that seems to improve or worsen out of nowhere is a potential sign of diabetes.

Via Ken Teegardin Via Ken Teegardin

10. Excessive Trips to the Bathroom

If you find yourself making what seems like an endless amount of bathroom breaks over the course of the day, it may be more than just a mild inconvenience. Diabetes sufferers use the bathroom far more frequently than most, sometimes urinating as much as 20 times per day—and always with a full bladder.

Via Bailey Weaver Via Bailey Weaver

9. Snoring

Snoring occurs for a variety of reasons, many of which don’t point to a serious health complication. However, if your snoring has progressively worsened to the point where it wakes you or others up, diabetes may be a factor.

Via Jonathan Kos-Read Via Jonathan Kos-Read

8. Extreme Fatigue

Diabetes often leads to feelings of fatigue, and no amount of sleep can remedy it. The excessive urination that comes with diabetes is often a contributing factor, as well as the body’s inability to process sugar properly for energy purposes.

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