11 Subtle Signs of Diabetes That Are Easy to Miss

7. Slow-Healing Bruises and Cuts

An excess of glucose in the blood reduces the effectiveness of white blood cells, resulting in longer healing times. If a minor cut or an ordinary bruise appears to linger longer than it has in the past, schedule an appointment with your doctor to ensure diabetes isn’t the culprit.

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6. Increased Itchiness

According to Howard Baum, MD, an assistant professor in the diabetes division of medicine at Vanderbilt University, even skin problems can potentially be linked to diabetes. Because diabetes hinders blood circulation, dryness and itchiness is a common result. Itchy extremities in particular are common for diabetes patients.

Via Jo Jakeman Via Jo Jakeman

5. Frequent Colds

Because diabetes dramatically reduces the effectiveness of white blood cells, a worsened immune system is an inevitable result of the disease. If you’ve been catching cold after cold, it may indicate something more than simply an unlucky winter.

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